Nepheline Syenite for natural anti-climate change answers as AAC & CLC thermal concrete use in 3D house printing

Table Mountain, Oregon, is the only commercial viable source for 'thermal mineral' low cost house building materials (other than the 3M Arkansas deposit used for ceramic tiles and tab roofing at this time) of Nepheline Syenite in the USA. According to a UC Davis paper on AAC concrete that only five AAC manufacturing facilities exhist in the US, which means that three of them use a flyash substitute for silica sand.

This almost strategic mineral with unique possibilities in Lincoln County, Oregon, just happens to be 500 plus million tons deposit of a very green mineral that has an 'R factor' of 21, which may be just one answer to global climate change.

And as recently proved by a homeowner surviving a catostrophic forest fire by staying inside his home, and videotaping walls of flames including Pacific Northwest forest fires, AAC / CLC does have a Class one fire protection rating. In the Pacific Northwest, thank goodness, tsunami threats accompanied by an offshore fault earthquake destruction of conventional dense concrete structures, has not been so dramatically proven.

China may have been the Nepheline Syenite CLC breakthrough as recently they have scientifically shown the nepheline "AAC concrete secret ingredient" was allowing China to use $250 per ton chemistry to "3D concrete print ten houses in one day", at a cost of $5,000 USD each.

This exciting USA mineral discovery is now being marketed at, an Oregon LLC developing a regional dealer network, through FoamKrete@gmail, or by phone at 503-753-5868.

Other uses are in development. As the nepheline syenite fireproof home building material, FoamKrete is 80% air, and it floats, which most likely would make it very usefull in small boat construction.

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