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NEPHELINE Syenite — of course you know all about of the uses of this nearly unique magic 'green' mineral?

No, perhaps you don't know— just how handy this Swiss Army knife of minerals happens to be in the clean air battle against the un-healthy worldwide haze we all seem to share, along with the ever increasing chaos of climate change.

What is NS? First off, drop the syenite part (a coarse-grained blue/gray igneous rock composed of alkali feldspar and ferromagnesian hornblende minerals) as that somehow reminds anti-mining reporters — newspaper stingers, paid by the column inch— as cyanide catastrophes in the extraction of gold in the old “hard money” days before paper ETF's.

The funny part of the environmental fear tactics that may have been used against the American mining industry, for all the wrong reasons, is that the 700 Million Tons Nepheline I can accurately write the truth about is at Table Mountain, visible from the absolutely delightful fishing/tourist village of Newport, Oregon, is perhaps the equivalent of that cancer cure tree everyone is talking about discovering in the Amazon Rain Forest.

The real problem is that is has been a difficult task for the owner of a square mile of mineral rights to 700,000,000 million tons to be taken seriously enough to be considered a valuable asset. The property is really too big, too righteous, to needed to be squandered in some hedge fund derivative.

Who really is big enough to manage 750 Million Tons — which valued of 1¢ per ton would be worth $7.5 Million?

This is why the single signer of the 32 twenty acre claims, has contracted with an ecologicially aware Mir Vahid Zibae, Ph.D., Owner Representative at mirzibae@yahoo.com, for pricing and corporate matters. He also is the one to talk to about bundling the solar silver needed as explained at www.SilverMiningClaims.com.

Either way know that in the coming ETF silver shortage financial turbulence, it really makes sense to own a piece of a rock solid investment, in physical silver by going around traditional "financial engines" that don't seem to be running that well today on P/L statements.

Contact Mir Vahid Zibae, Ph.D.,
Owner Representative at mirzibae@yahoo.com

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