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Nepheline Syenite is an Oregon "Green" Natural Product best used for natural anti-climate change answers as AAC concrete, and the newer discovery of CLC thermal concrete delivered by pump through a hose to a building site low cost tilt-up forms, or even 3D house printing as done recently in China to use $250 per ton chemistry to expand dense concrete 4 to 5 times in volume to "3D concrete print ten houses in one day", as shown on YouTube, at a cost of $5,000 USD each.

Table Mountain, Oregon, is the only commercial viable regional source for this low cost house building material. Other than the 3M Arkansas deposit of a hornblend nepheline (blue) syenite, best used used for ceramic tiles and tab roofing, and 3M's small deposit of biotite nepheline (gray) syenite, in the USA. According to a UC Davis paper on AAC concrete that only five AAC manufacturing supply facilities exist in the USA, which means that three of them use a environmentally hazardous flyash substitute for silica sand aggregate.

This almost strategic mineral with unique possibilities in Lincoln County, Oregon, just happens to be in a 500 plus million tons deposit, 17 miles from a mill town with a tidewater barge dock, and operating railhead.

The other "cancer cure answer in a rainforest" is that if FoamKrete.com is used to rebuild burnt out homes on the West Coast, home insurance companies will appreciate the CLC foam Class One Forest Fire Protection Rating which allowed a homeowner in Omack, WA, to video from inside, out his window, the wall of flame destroying the neighborhood where evacuees lost everything, except for the right to continue mortgage payments.

And also of interest in a time of extreme climate change the start-up distributorship of an "Ice to Fire Protection Admixture" does not have a final "R" value figure past 21 when the insulation is a thermal envelope with all joints sealed.

This exciting USA mineral discovery is now being marketed at www.FoamKrete.com, an Oregon LLC developing a regional dealer network, through FoamKrete@gmail, or through investorrelations@nyphelinesyenite.com which is looking for a start-up to take advantage of a CFR clear listed "rockwool" product with twice the "R" values of pink insulation. Or by phone the source, at 503-753-5868.

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