See the owners introduction to Table Mountain, Oregon nepheline project and research.

The deposit detailed in this report is located at Table Mountain, Lincoln County, Oregon. On a highway map the claims may be found 15 miles (direct) SE from Newport/Toledo, or 12 miles NW (direct) from Waldport, on the scenic Oregon Coast.

Aptly named, Table Mountain is a plateau of 2,700 feet in altitude, in the Siuislaw National Forest. A good stand of Douglas fir and the presence of two natural springs provide a picturesque setting. On a clear day the ocean, 12 miles away, is visible.

By road the distances are 25 miles from either point, with the best all weather route being a paved highway from Waldport for 20 miles, and U.S. Forest Service road the last five miles. There is a railhead and sea-going barge loading facility at Toledo, only 15 miles away, which could be accessed via a private logging road.

The deposit is covered both by 32 lode claims, for a total area of 640 acres.

The only known, besides Table Mountain, deposits in North America are located at Blue Mountain, Ontario (owned by Indusmin Ltd., a division of Falconbridge Ltd.), at Magnet Cove in Arkansas along with a new deposit located in New Mexico (owned by 3M). Worldwide, other deposits are located in Norway (recently purchased by Indusmin, Ltd.), Russia, Australia, Mexico, Brazil, and Pakistan.

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