See the owners introduction to Table Mountain, Oregon nepheline project and research.

Prices for Canadian ceramic grade nepheline syenite listed in Industrial Minerals (London) in December 1987, were $66 per ton for, 200 mesh, bagged; and $99 per ton for filler-extender grade, bagged.

Lately prices have been raising for pottery and paint use as extender supplies are getting squeezed. Nepheline syenite is finding applications as a replacement for quartz silica.

A market that should not be overlooked, due to the West Coast location versus shipping from Vermont and Georgia, is that granite dimension stone prices in 1987 averaged $34 a ton for "irregular-shaped stone and rubble", and $343 per ton for "dressed slabs and blocks for buildings." In 1987 a total of $107,056,000 worth of dimension granite was sold in the United States, at an average value of $170 per ton, or $0.66 per cubic foot.

As the recorded production of all dimension stones for the Pacific Northwest in 1987 was only 297 tons, compared with 466,739 tons total from Georgia, Indiana, and Vermontólocation may be a positive factor.

An interesting aside, considering location and ease of shipping, is that in 1987, according to the Bureau of Census, 31,320 tons of rough granite was exported from the U. S. (primarily from Vermont and Georgia) to Japan for finishing into the gray monuments that are used exclusively throughout that country in place of marble headstones. The value of this material was $4,478,760, at $143 per ton.

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