Nepheline Syenite Lincoln County Oregon
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FoamKrete (tm) Business / Mining Plan

The Mineral

FoamKrete is a simple to process CLC (Cellular Light Concreet) / ACC (the initials for CLC steam autoclaved rapid curing, which when it comes to cracking might not be a wise process) admixture of nepheline syenite, the only naturally soluble source of alumina (Alumna Oxide Al2O3) and silica sand (Silicon dioxide SiO2).

When added as a “natures” non-toxic , non-patentable formula mix of a –minus 325 (face powder size ) to what pours out of a Portland Cement ready mix truck in an after mixture of Alumina content at 8% of the dense volume  delivery expands four to five times, the same as adding yeast to a bread flour mix.

When brought to a home building site as a an extendable hose delivered slurry, further activated by ordinary off the shelf hydrogen peroxide, to re-usable forms, with a faux “stamped’ shingle, shiplap, dimension stone, brick, stucco, log cabin patterns, laying flat on the ground, the cost savings of using much less cement, and aggregate, have a dramatic effect on material costs.

Similar labor savings for pre-cast light weight tilt-up walls adds to the overall pass along benefit of “affordable” housing. Especially when structural rebar, plumbing and electrical conduit are embedded in a concrete material that can be sawn, drilled, routed. And the “envelope” joints are sealed with FoamKrete mortar.

Unfortunately, as shown in countries that understand the technology in Europe, Iran, Pakistan, India, Russia, and China, which is using CLC to 3D print houses. The miracle of nepheline syenite as a low cost alternative for building some very innovate housing designs has passed the US by. As the press not realizing that the wetlands “Canal” apartment house President Obama toured in Amsterdam, might just be an answer to our own looming housing crisis that came out of the sub-prime real estate mortgage fiasco.

The ECO “savings” come through dealing with global climate changes advantages of:

•  Proven Class One Fire Protection Rating.  Last summer a homeowner in Omack, Washington in the path of a roaring forest fire chose not to try and outrun the crowning firestorm  burning down his neighborhood, by sheltering inside his “special formula” domed concrete house, where video footage taken through his windows went world wide on television news.

•  Use in replacing asphalt based roofing system that explode from embers even in ground spread brush fires, with a PH neutral FoamKrete rainwater harvesting roof, and a nepheline filtered built in storage system, would have a dramatic effect when building in the water starved West,  Storing excess rainfall would also help alleviate storm water flash flooding downstream.

•  Thermal advantage of CLC bubbles producing a wall block insulation “R-Factor” of 21. Traditional built stick houses, struggle to save cooling and heating energy at R-14, Star energy credits have not yet been documented on enclosing  an FoamKrete home into a envelope that has the potential of reaching an unheard of R-45.

•  Earthquake survival studies showing a CLC floating “houseboat” resting on a bare earth foundation would do so much better riding out undulating waves of liquefied  groundswells. And most likely survive better than hard fastened footings on rock, which produces stress fractures in dense concrete.

•  Strong Advantage when dealing with mold, rot, freeze and thawing, and surviving hurricanes, typhoons, tornadoes, tsunami tidal surges, and 100, or 1000 years floods. Especially when coated with Sherman Williams nepheline syenite glass marine paint designed to help giant oil tankers save on bunker fuel to cross oceans. 

The Deposit

Table Mountain, in Lincoln County, on the Oregon Coast, contains 500+ Million tons of Nepheline Syenite, in the form of a fairly uniform sill, which is an iconic view on the skyline for the tourist popular fishing villages of Newport, and crabbing at Waldport.

It should be noted that Oregon has one of the three commercial deposits of Nepheline Syenite in the United States. Both the Arkansas, and New Mexico exposures are owned by a very well run 3M, which mainly seem to be concentrating on roofing tiles that have a solar energy function.

Oregon is a noted “green” state, with a reputation for voters protecting their backyard from out of control, out of state exploitation. This is a favorable local advantage for the whole concept of clean air, clean water, and sustainable gourmet food stocks that sometimes do not travel well to megalopolitan markets.

In other words a perfect place to pioneer gridlock free ECO housing developments, as whole villages, or resorts, or high tech company industrial campus towns by utilizing the uniqueness of FoamKrete on marginal use land that otherwise might have had urban zoning problems.

The 32 twenty acre Mining Law of 1872 claims on Table Mountain, are not patented fee simple real estate. Nor is the mineral under lease by a big oil style resource management companies.  Title requires an ongoing active management working on the best use “benefit and improvement” development that doesn’t work that well with a passive spreadsheet holding pattern.

The claim holder is a single, U.S., citizen individual with a good environmental reputation with the US Forest Service, and totally appreciates the role of the U.S. Government tasking the USFS, hard pressed as it is dealing with forest fires, of being in-effect in mandated multiple use partnerships, as Mining; while protecting the proper aesthetic use of the surface for Recreation; through good Timber Management; Watershed preservation; and healthy Grazing for both wild and domestic animals.

To make any profit at all from this resource, investors need to look at “rock solid” revenue by selling a product, instead of paper. The property is already permitted. Three grandfathered jetty stone quarries exist, and are ready for repositioned use production. The spotted owl and salmon run protection have already been addressed by the USFS contracting for the crushing of surface nepheline syenite for gravel to maintain the FS logging road that fortunately runs right through the property as the Waldport Tidewater-Toledo  route to  an ocean shipping facility at Newport, Oregon. 

The Toledo side of the mountain, has a barge railhead facility seventeen miles downhill from the largest quarry. Waldport has an underused basalt quarry for crushing and light manufacturing purposes, and a vertical advantage for tramway transportation.

The only problem to solve is filing a CFR required plan of action (with a six weeks ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer) that cannot be forced through by counterproductive legal tactics.  The important concern is that over a “common variety” clause that would invalidate the claims if sold as common gravel. The righteous test is an added value designated use.

In the past, as weight and block ability standards have been raised by the U.S. Corps of Engineers, and excessive iron when compared with Canada’s Ontario nepheline syenite for feldspathic use in producing clear glass, and the economic folly of trying to compete, by polishing, with look alike natural granite, that lately has been competing with itself for formed countertops, the only possible CFR clear listed use was rock wool manufacture, where a large European company seems to be in control, for now, through a patented nepheline “cotton candy” spin nozzle.

It was the Chinese, with their copy of a nepheline ball mill grinder selling on that lead reverse engineering of Norway’s nepheline syenite, which with an equally secretive Russia, control the largest deposits in the world. When China, out of  their limited feedstocks, began selling a chemically very similar percentages as the Table Mountain nepheline syenite for $325- $350 per –325 “face powder” ton it only took a simple Internet Boolean search to find that the “secret ingredient to a natural alumina / silica sand foaming agent for “ACC” concrete production had been used to apply for a “Europe Only” patent using a totally arbitrary fiber as an invented ingredient deserving market protection.

It took much longer to figure out the underground mined Nepheline Syenite was sold on the open market with a meaningless Alpha/Numeric label for $325 per ton, which is was definitely an added value over $17 per ton road gravel.

Following this realization, followed by numerous, open to the public, university level papers, the claim owner published a Market “white paper” downloadable PDF breaking down the nepheline syenite, that he had started advertising as an “added value” FoamKrete, being used in synergy with his also single signer for now deposit of 800,000 ounces of photovoltaic silver in an equal value galena ore for “smart roof” uses as suggested on his, which may have been a distraction at this time.

The hoped for increase in spot silver prices may have hindered sacrificing the silver for cash to develop for retail marketing of product in Oregon out of one of the quarries to fund much larger output for affordable national distribution of a unique problem solving housing product.

The hiccup here is that the claim owner is 76 years old. And, an  Asperger’s syndrome “money misfit” as Dr. Sheldon Cooper , The Big  Bang Theory brainiac; and lesser known AS Steve Jobs, Bill Gates,  Al Gore,  Harry Truman, Henry Ford (the pioneer of controlling needed delivery of feedstocks) and a shelf full of authors arranged from Mark Twain,  Edward Curtis, Ernest Hemingway, Louis L’Amour, also known for being careless, incomplete education, dropouts of building a solid retirement bank account.

This is why, who understands economics for being the publisher/editor of,  and the advertising agency for a rock crusher company at  feels he  doesn't have the seconds left in his life to set down at a table trying to convince  inexperienced “experts” on a plan to quantify and qualify the millions of dollars needed to get into production. 

Recognize that Oprah Winfrey, most likely a rare female Assperger, who could not attract any funding to build her empire, showed that doing-it-yourself is one way to double a stock’s value one day of trading of an innovative product.

Therefore, here is a Barry Murray’s, roll up your sleeves and prove the R&D for ECO Home products by actually building a project where those in need of building affordable shelter will totally support, especially insurance companies on the hook for recent wildfire and flood damaged housing.

Stage One: A Table Mountain Production Company

  1. Step one, now that the BLM rental payments have been made,  is to prepare, without the assistance of expensive learned lawyers, the CFR FoamKrete Plan of Action. Funding required is $25,000 upfront to the claim owner.
  2. This also will go along with the requirement a bonifide purchase order for future delivery of a sizeable amount of the value added product. Start-up salemen costs estimate to sell wholesale material to exclusive area retail FoamKrete distributors able to issue bonifide future based purchase orders, start at $50,000.
  3. By respecting the process of the USFS Geologist and Mining Manager who are concerned about the waste of funding to survive a long drawn out disaster. They know that claim owner Barry Murray’s early Geologist partner, who after graduating as a lawyer had to divest to go to Washington D.C. to work for the BLM. And that after gaining experiene practicing mining law from the government side, went on to become a full partner in a firm that rents out an office to national news commentators for the view overlooking Pennsylvania Avenue and the White House. The point being that his opinion of “slamdunk” clear listing within six weeks is for Barry Murray to closely follow the prudent man rule of the Mining Law of 1872, and not be adversarial Costs here would be for “office equipment, transportation for witness that may be called upon, to support University level documented research,  and finically proven ability of paying for reclamation bonding.
  4. The first suggested stage of surface production to get cash flow is to air track drill, and ultra-high intensity blast to cut down jaw crusher time.  The long range plan of increased production out of 500+ million tons is to follow the competition in Norway, underground to mine by shrink stoping.
  5. Load this broken rubble rock into locally hired trucks for hauling 17 miles to the rented Siletz native facility for further VSI crushing without generated power, into a gravel that could be shipped from the railhead/barge dock at bulk raw material rates, instead of finishing a moisture sensitive product for retail selling in paper bags product. Ball park turn-key costs plus 10% contract suggests delivery of the ore from the mountain to a railhead / barge dock process facility suggests a production cost of nepheline syenite, no more than that of low cost gravel, which the Forest Service would not allow.
  6. The final step of manufacturing the final property into a retail sellable product as FoamKrete is using a small Chinese manufactured nepheline grinding mill advertised at $100,000? fob China that come with an engineer to set up and train workers. This would solve any “dust problems” as the water sensitive –325 powder, is the product that could be directly loaded into a $25,000? Vietnamese rental unit admixture hopper used to process batch dense concrete truck delivery on the building site.

Stage Two: The FoamKrete controlled market system

•  At the moment FoamKrete ™ is only an Oregon State registered LLC. A retail sales organization to take advantage of the rareness of  an un-patentable low cost building material. Given the availability of massive feedstock tonnage, it makes spreadsheet sense to sell more “green” material at affordable prices,  than restrict sales through hiding a limited nepheline syenite in premium priced bags only identified by a secret formula number.  

• This restricted delivery system (according to a UC Davis paper there are only five sources of AAC concrete in the US, is the reason why local concrete producers are afraid to even talk FoamKrete, in the fear they would loose their existing (proven) source of supply to operate.  That is a shame for FoamKrete is equally compatible as dense concrete mixed on a building site,  with a rental unit and cement from a big box building store.

• The other reason to control FoamKrete throughout distribution is the advantage for ECO aware builders to have a guaranteed supply for much larger projects as ECO Villages, and high-tech corporate hubs, with employee housing, or other small job producing “communes” where CO-OP members  rent to own their family home.

• As the structure of FoamKrete is for now independent of an Land and Minerals Trust, other than by a need for nepheline syenite, as concept to support the dream of building on free and clear land that is also brought into the trust. consequently, any business plan, concerning the larger picture, past an incomplete marketing plan for FoamKrete, needs business expertise from earn-in partners. Contact Roberta Dickerson, Editor of, at 503-753-5868 to be put on a list  for return by e-mail authorized sharing those  potentially interested in delivering FoamKrete to the housing end markets.


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