See the owners introduction to Table Mountain, Oregon nepheline project and research.

Nepheline Syenite is a rare igneous rock that, although resembling medium-grained granite in texture, consists principally of nepheline and alkali feldspars. The name sounds ominous but the mineral is not related to cyanide, nor is it poisonous. In fact, Nepheline Syenite is a very beneficial element. It is a "Swiss Army Knife" mineral whose usefulness keeps expanding.

In 1957 there were eleven separate commercial uses identified as the manufacture of glass, ceramics, roofing granules, rock wool insulation. Today, it is a challenge keeping up with all the uses for this material. Since the mineral is 75 to 80% pure feldspar, there are a number of companies developing proprietary space-age epoxy and resin systems utilizing the unique qualities of Nepheline Syenite.

One such project under way is working on replacing steel railroad coal cars with a molded feldspar body 1/3 the weight. The same company will soon be offering a bullet-proof "Kelver" type material out of feldspar that can be seamlessly formed into a boat hull far superior to that of fiberglass.

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